May. 31st, 2016

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Let's see. I am SO ready for the elections to be over and HRC to be president I can hardly stand it. If I have to listen to one more narrow-minded bigot tell me how "authentic" an orange-faced man with the worse-dyed combover in history is, I will scream. No, being educated is not a bad thing. No, not being afraid of brown people is not a bad thing. No, not wanting to peer into the next bathroom stall is not a bad thing.

I also still hate the word "orbs" when used to mean "eyeballs" in a fan fiction. Nothing in the world makes me click the back button faster than "orbs." Even faster than "tresses."

Boys who think girls don't really play video games should meet my Wizard or Crusader or Barbarian or Demon Hunter in Diablo III. They will wipe the floor with you. I've been playing video games since they invented, you miserable misogynist troll, and playing them well.

Mammogram tomorrow. Medical professional said I feel "lumpy" but since I have cysts, we're not too worried.

Spring is springing and I am so busy I haven't had time for the yard work. I was the Queen of Fairy Godmothers for a Princess Party, the grieving widow for a memorial service for a fellow who died in 1916, and have several more events coming up this month. Next month, I am doing NOTHING.

So, what's up with you?


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