Sep. 18th, 2016

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Yikes. My Woman's Club has a fundraising home tour in the fall. We missed the past two years so the pressure was on me to make it work this fall. I started by putting my own house on the tour. I cleaned and painted and cleaned and cleaned some more. . .Tour went off with some glitches but it is OVER.

The next weekend, there is a historic convent in town. Four stories and beautiful woodwork. We have a "Princess" day in the spring and a "Superhero" day in the fall to raise money and connect young people with the old building. I spent two solid hours giving tours. Up and down and up and down and up and down. . .my legs were done!

We have an officially authorized 1966 Batman who graduated from the local Catholic School so he came down for the day and he was popular. So were the bouncy castles and firefighters. My nieces were Rey from the new Star Wars and Princess Leia. Princess Leia has hair long enough to make her own buns.

It was fun and now I have NOTHING pressing hanging over my head for a while. Yay. Plus we are getting along with new editor at work.


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