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Remove the outer stops holding the sash in place. Be careful, because this is a thin, delicate piece of wood you have to put back in place. With stops out, remove sash, taking care not to break glass. Remove old sash cord. Find screw holding the panel that protects the sash weight and remove. Pop out panel. . .Pop. . . .out. . . .well, it's been in place for over a century, of course it is stuck. Get a pry bar, taking care not to damage inner stop because replacing that little piece of wood is a HUGE pain. Get knife and trim back old paint. Pry bar again. Try screwing a spare screw from the window shade brackets you remembered to remove before prying off the stops. The wood is soft pine and the screw goes in. Get vise grips and pull gently. Pull harder. PULL HARDER.

Look very closely into the narrow gap along the side edge of the panel where you are supposed to pry the panel off and notice the two nails. Whatever person hammered the trim on 100+ years ago DID IT WRONG and the nails go INTO THE PANEL.

I can pry the trim off. I can try to saw the nails off. I can put the #$@)% window back together and call it quits for the day.
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