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Boy, howdy, between the US election and my new editor--who is like working with a 14-year-old girl with PMS--I have been stressed and depressed. Upped my anti-anxiety meds and was feeling really low. Went on line to check something and found out a side effect of my anti-anxiety meds is suicidal thoughts. Great. Have also been trying a new med and we'll see how that works. Plus the days are getting longer. That usually helps.

Been reading old fan fiction in several different fandoms and missing those days, when I enjoyed writing and had all those connections.

Also finally saw "Rogue One." The re-animated corpse of Peter Cushing was very creepy. Also much taller than the real Peter Cushing.

Am within sight of the end of the great restoration of my 1882 house. Just the top of the front stairs to paint and one bedroom and one back door and I'm done. Of course, finding the money is the usual struggle but I have the sashes and floor for the bedroom. Just have to pay people to put them in. I know how to do both things but know my husband and I will kill each other if we try to work on those projects together.

Still reading journals and commenting occasionally but not writing much for myself anymore. I need to do that again. Sadly, no new fandoms have caught my attention but I may revisit some old ones.

So, how's life for the rest of you?
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