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If you have old windows and the sash cords are gone and the sash falls on your fingers, it hurts. In case you did not know. The sash was old and small and wood and there was a gap between the sash and sill so no broken bones but blood blisters, purple fingers and owie. Makes it hard to type or write or even comb your hair if you squash the fingers on your dominant hand.

Found some old diaries including one from the early nineties complaining about paying $29 to the doctor to get a prescription renewed. Ho. Ho. Went to the Doctor recently with an annoying cough. Got a chest x-ray which led to a cat scan which led to an ultrasound which led to a biopsy. Nothing wrong. That will be $4,000. And I still have the annoying cough, which I have decided is stress.

So, am watching Doctor Who. Fine with the new doctor but I am over Clara and am grateful the last two episodes weren't as awful as the first few. I am over Steven Moffat, too.

Gave on Legends. Too violent. Waiting for Elementary. Took up nothing new this season as I spend too much time in front of the TV anyway.

Now, back to work. . .
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I always suspected Kevin Sorbo was an arrogant rightwing asshole. Now I know for sure.
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Saw Daniel Radcliffe on The Kitchen this morning. He is tiny. And he loves burgers.

I have also seen the brief clip of upcoming Who but being an Amurican, can't understand what the Dalek is saying.

Oh, and I am making progress on the library. Painted some trim today until my wrist informed me I should stop.

No word on whether older brother made it back from Siberia. I know his house was broken into while he was gone. Yikes.
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I have a mental list of 10,000 things to do. As soon as I cross one off the top, a new one pops up at the bottom.

So far this week. . .we made the final payment to the house painter. It went WAY over budget but we were expecting some over budget. He planned to be done April 1 and finished (except for some storm windows) on May 23. Not THAT much over, however. The blood must have drained from my face because he apologized profusely and explained every detail. Fortunately, Steve's uncle passed away and left us some money so we could afford to pay one year's combined salary to paint the house. (We work for a small town newspaper. It's not that much.) Plus we got an excellent job and I will sell the house before I have it done again.

Planted the garden. That didn't take too long, especially since I guilted my husband, who is a much more expert gardener than me, into helping. Only an hour and half but it was warm out there. We have a small garden this year. Five hills of pumpkins. Three rows of carrots. Two each of rainbow chard and zinnias. Six tomatoes. Three peppers and three eggplants. No exotic things like fennel or endive.

I planted some sunflower seeds along the south side of the house since my house painter would cry if I put up trellis and morning glories and covered his paint job. Or damaged it.

Have to exchange a defective arbor I paid $100 for for two $50 arbors. Lots of Roundup. Yes, yes, organic and all that. Believe me, bindweed and goats head LAUGH at organic. It took me three years to get most of the bindweed beaten back in the rose bed and hollyhock garden and now the $#*(@& goats head is coming in strong.

Then spend some time back in my north parlor, patching plaster and washing walls. I hope to be priming by next weekend at the latest. Plus a graduation party and working at the theater for the Sunday matinee so other high school students can attend graduation. I am hoping for a slow turnout of "The Other Woman."

Now to get someone to pour patio, take out an old tree, replace a back door, paint a front door. . .
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Google Miles City Bucking Horse Sale. A.K.A. Cowboy Mardi Gras. Town of 8500 people with 5000 folks coming for the sale plus several hundred horses and some bulls. At least one Japanese film crew. More beer sold in one weekend than the rest of the year. Parades. Rodeos. FOOD. An excuse to have a big picnic when the weather is much more moderate than July 4.

Much fun. Much exhaustion. No house guests this year and we are skipping the matched bronc rides today to work on the house. I planted a new miniature spirea and my back is complaining already.
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Remember Kaa in Disney's "The Jungle Book." Always having trouble with his sinuses. That's me. I have a barometer in my head and with the changeable weather we have been having, they are trying to kill me.

On the other hand, the wallpaper is gone from the north parlor walls, the tin ceiling is on order, most of the room is cleared out and the couch there is going to become the 'garage' sofa for a pair of Great Danes.

Planted a few plants and some seeds and spread mulch. Looks nice.

Exterior house painting, which was to have been done by May 1 at the latest, is not. Weather has been screwing that up regularly. You can't paint when the wind is howling or it is raining and it has been doing one or other. Not much rain. Just spitting. We are in drought cycle again, but enough to stop painting.

When clearing out the north parlor, I found a hard copy of a fantasy short story I wrote 20 years and got me an actual personalized rejection letter! It's not bad. I was surprised.

Today, I am debating giving the pantry a good clean and clear and maybe taking on washing some walls in the north parlor. This is what I am doing for vacation.
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Skyhawke has returned. Yay. I was trying to upload to AO3 and not having any luck so, as a lazy person, I am glad.
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Oh, foo. There go all my saved stories, including the one with 60,000+ hits and 35 reviews.
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I've had two meetings with a pleasant, plump grey-haired motherly type therapist with a boho dressing style. We got on fabulously. I enjoy blathering on about myself. I think she is very puzzled as to why I complain about depression but she should see me today.
It's snowing. On top of the six inches we got Monday. My husband's new blood pressure pills has an 'annoying cough' as a side effect. He sounds worse than he did when he had bronchitis.
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I bit the bullet and made an appointment with a psychologist. I have been really down all winter but I kept hoping, if I can get through February. . .

Today, my husband woke up with yet another cold. When he gets a cold, he gets a sinus infection, starts coughing until he gags and . . .

I get angry, even though I know he can't help it, and every time he coughs, my stomach clenches. I am hitting my Clonzapan more than I should.

So, next Tuesday afternoon, I see a psychologist who was recommended by a friend in the mental health field. I will get paperwork before hand to fill out and yes, my health insurance covers mental health. Ah, Amurica. If you need help, you can't get it unless you are rich enough to deserve it.

Maybe it is all the depressing news lately, as the Republicans try to drag us back to some mythical world where women and coloreds knew their place but I am tired for being tired and down and obsessive.

Plus the weather is scheduled to return to winter this weekend.

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We have had colds since the beginning of the month. The weather has been and continues to be cold and unpleasant. This is the longest February in history. If it doesn't get over soon, I may never get out of bed again.

I was hoping to be well by my birthday, which is next Sunday. I am now just hoping I haven't coughed up a lung or thrown myself off a bridge.
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I really don't have any reason to be depressed but I definitely have the mid-winter blahs. My husband has a cold with a nasty cough and I have to restrain myself from holding a pillow over his face, even though he has moved into the guest room for the duration, and usually I'm a little more patient when he's sick.
I have been practicing retail therapy, which, for me, is all on-line. I have ordered two different sets of tin ceiling samples because I have decided I am NOT going to strip the wallpaper off the ceiling in the north parlor.
I also ordered some clothes, all on end-of-the-season sale. Most of them are practical but I got myself a new bustle suit. Which I didn't really need but. . .
My creative juices have dried up and blown away. I am struggling to write stories on bid openings for county sewer projects, the sort of thing I can usually zip out with my eyes closed. I have a couple of ideas for fiction but they just lie there, staring at me.
I went and reread some of my old fan fiction and some of it was pretty darn good! I wonder where that writer has gone.
Maybe I should try therapy. A therapist has been recommended to me and if these blahs don't clear up by spring (along with husband's cough) I may give it a go.
Anyone have any cheery news in their life?
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For the first time in 15 years, I have a functioning clawfoot bathtub in the upstairs bathroom. It was dismantled years ago because the piping was pin-holed. Then we had to move it out of the bathroom to rebuild the floor due to the rot caused by leaking. Then we had to get it back into the bathroom, paint the feet, strip and refinish the outside (what fun! not.) and have the money to call the plumber.
He came over just before the sub-zero cold hit. As he said, he had a moment to spare and he knew the change in weather would cause the manure to hit the fan big time. I had tossed the old water feeds and drain pipes but still had the original 1910 faucet. He said it was nicer than the modern one he brought, just in case the old one wouldn't work, and installed it. Saved me a couple of hundred bucks.
I am taking a nice long soak in that tub tonight even if it is -30°F tonight. I'll just drag the electric heater close to the tub and try to avoid electrocuting myself.
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My husband does a food page every year for the big pre-Thanksgiving issue of our newspaper. He has been doing this for a decade and we were a bit short of ideas. He is making honest-to-whyever figgy puddy right now. Ingredients smell nice but if it resembles fruitcake. . .I loathe fruitcake.
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I was unbelievably thrilled and honored when I received this:

I have never inspired an artist before and I am still speechless. I love ALL the little bottles and things on the shelf. And the expression on Snape's face. Yay!!
Thank You Ntzsch, you are brilliant.
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I am not thrilled with TV this year. I watched about one-half of a Sleepy Hollow and while the lead is adorable, the rest is just, ugh. There are no Mohawks left in New York? Tell that to the Mohawks, who are one of the wealthiest tribes in the country.

I watched the opening episode of Torchwood--Miracle Day and thought, what the hell? While I rather enjoyed identifying all the U.S.A. actors (It's Newman from Seinfeld! It's the fourth Ghostbuster!) I got quite annoyed with the lack of, you know, TORCHWOOD. It's more Torchplastic or TorchMDF. I have seen a total of three episodes, missed several, and don't care.

Elementary has not been up to snuff, either, although I have enjoyed bits of it, like the dollhouse murder scenes, the plots have been embarrassingly bad.

I watched Haven, a show that caught me once, dropped me off, caught me up again and now, makes absolutely NO sense. I missed several episodes without realizing it so I have no idea what is going on but last night, there were several characters who behaved as if they were series regulars--and should have been--but weren't. I hope they all go into the magic barn and we never see any of them again.

Mike and Molly is coming back but I worry all the baby-making stuff will be annoying.

I think the grey weather is getting to me and it isn't even Halloween yet.
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Anyone watching the program about people not dying and the CIA and a few brief cameos from folks from Torchwood? What is the point of it? It is most definitely NOT Torchwood.
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Better Half has nasty sinus infection that makes him queasy. Medical folks prescribe HUGE handful of pills. You can guess what happened. Any plans we had for a last gasp of summer fun have pretty much gone away. The first dose of antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine were wasted. Sigh.

New How

Aug. 4th, 2013 01:25 pm
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Another skinny white guy. Not impressed.
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I have discovered, through Stop Plagiarism on LJ, this horrible trend popular with the kiddies on FFN. They transcribe a script and change the names and call it creative. Ugh. Seriously. They take Disney movies or the Swan Princess (gad, that one gets copied endlessly) and change the names of the characters to their particular fandom and think it is both original and hilarious. Ugh.

Seriously. Page after page of Disney scripts, primarily Aladdin, copied word for word with the name of some Japanese anime character substituted. The kids think is the most amazing thing ever.

It has made me go back and read some of my old fan fiction favorites, the ones wherein real authors sweated and stewed to get every world, every description, every word of dialogue, perfect and original. These kids don't know what they are missing.

And they need to get off my lawn.

Really. I have read some effing amazing fan fiction that is better than any 'professional' novel ever.
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