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When I was writing Harry Potter fan fiction at the height of its popularity, I would get dozens of hits a day on my popular stories. Now, if I have five hits on a Dark Shadows story in a week, I am thrilled. I am having fun writing again and have a couple of Snape-centric stories nibbling at my Muse so maybe, this winter. . .
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And not actually looking for work. We are officially on vacation and will receive a check at the end of the week. And, as I said before, we have savings. Remembered I have a small state pension I need to check into. And we have to look into insurance.

BUT I AM WRITING. Actually finished a couple of short fan fictions. Yay.

And haven't taken my serious panic pills for a few days. Double Yay.
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On Wednesday, we told the publisher we wanted to give two weeks notice and take those two weeks as vacation. Fine, he said. At noon today, husband was fretting about Monday and what would they do. I was thinking I should volunteer to work Friday afternoons to do the weekly farm and ranch newspaper.

Then editor was his usual charming self.

When I told my therapist, she dropped her jaw and said she wished she was as a brave as I am. I normally panic when confronted with the unknown but all I'm doing is planning house projects.

Wish us luck. Maybe I'll actually write a book.


Sep. 24th, 2017 09:57 am
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They went with the kid who knew Excell.
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Still no word on Better Half's job application. My digestion may not survive this. I have a few stories I want to write and then I have to quit.
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Better Half has an interview tomorrow morning for a job at the local Art Museum. Big cut in pay in return for MUCH LESS STRESS. Nearly punched obnoxious micro-managing boss in the nose this afternoon. Fortunately, had a visit with the therapist right afterwards so could rant.
Fingers crossed.

Toxic Boss

Sep. 5th, 2017 07:00 pm
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The obnoxious editor was obnoxious. Steve applied for a new job that will involve a rather substantial cut in pay but we don't care. He just has to get away from that obnoxious jackass. As soon as Steve is settled in a new job (fingers crossed he will get it) then I will start looking. We are down two employees already and soon it will be three.
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My husband is on a two week vacation/sick leave because the stress of his job (not the job, the boss) is playing havoc on him. He takes pills for kidney trouble, for high blood pressure, for high cholesterol and has a nasty hiatal hernia which is making him miserable. Fortunately, the publisher is sympathetic. He has three weeks vacation and eight weeks sick leave saved up so he may not go back at all. He has applied for a less-stressful retail job. We'll see.

I see my therapist on Thursday and may drag himself along. I don't know if that's legit but somehow we are talking circles around each other on what he plans to do.

So I am distracting myself by writing "Ten Things That Never Happened to Willie Loomis." I'm up to number six. The great thing, the Dark Shadows fandom is SO dead, I'll never actually have to finish anything.

HOT and DRY and more fire in Montana than anywhere else in the USA. I like long days but I am ready for it to cool off and maybe rain. We are at 30% of our regular precipitation and when you live in arid country with only 12 inches of rain a year normally, that is DRY.
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Pretty sure my husband will quit his job because of horrible boss and go back to retail for a couple of years before retiring. I will see if I can stand the job without having to worry about him. We sit across from each other at the office and watching him be miserable was killing me. Now to get through the next uncomfortable weeks as we negotiate leaving the job he's had for 20 years. Still, I am glad he finally decided it wasn't worth it to stick around.

I am fairly sure I will quit myself but I can't right away or the newspaper would be really screwed and I have a loyalty to my hometown newspaper even if I loathe the new editor. Yes, he has improved the paper but at a cost. He micro-manages and criticizes and has convinced both my husband and I that we are crap at our jobs and working with us is a pain. We used to win awards and now we are incompetent twits.

Changes always upset my stomach but, I hope, by winter, things will be calmer. Oh, and the ENTIRE state is basically on fire so that doesn't help either. I'm sure I'll have to write a story about the fires and fuck it up completely.
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My fan fiction Muse dropped by the first time in literally years with "Ten Things That Never Happened to Willie Loomis." What the heck?
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Boy, howdy, between the US election and my new editor--who is like working with a 14-year-old girl with PMS--I have been stressed and depressed. Upped my anti-anxiety meds and was feeling really low. Went on line to check something and found out a side effect of my anti-anxiety meds is suicidal thoughts. Great. Have also been trying a new med and we'll see how that works. Plus the days are getting longer. That usually helps.

Been reading old fan fiction in several different fandoms and missing those days, when I enjoyed writing and had all those connections.

Also finally saw "Rogue One." The re-animated corpse of Peter Cushing was very creepy. Also much taller than the real Peter Cushing.

Am within sight of the end of the great restoration of my 1882 house. Just the top of the front stairs to paint and one bedroom and one back door and I'm done. Of course, finding the money is the usual struggle but I have the sashes and floor for the bedroom. Just have to pay people to put them in. I know how to do both things but know my husband and I will kill each other if we try to work on those projects together.

Still reading journals and commenting occasionally but not writing much for myself anymore. I need to do that again. Sadly, no new fandoms have caught my attention but I may revisit some old ones.

So, how's life for the rest of you?


Jan. 3rd, 2017 06:12 pm
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2016 was so awful, I may never recover. I know I have been really depressed and taking my anti-anxiety pills like mad. Spent a fortune over the Christmas-New Year week on a wonky furnace with temperatures well below zero Fahrenheit. I think I hoped the week off from work would be restful and I could recharge but no such luck.
I am trying to think of something upbeat and cheerful to post the high point of my vacation was getting my ironing done.
At least the days are getting longer.
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Robert Vaughn just died. I am doing the 50 year ago column for my local paper and playing at the theatre is a double feature of "The Spy with My Face" and "To Trap a Spy." Shivers. I remember going to that!
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Yikes. My Woman's Club has a fundraising home tour in the fall. We missed the past two years so the pressure was on me to make it work this fall. I started by putting my own house on the tour. I cleaned and painted and cleaned and cleaned some more. . .Tour went off with some glitches but it is OVER.

The next weekend, there is a historic convent in town. Four stories and beautiful woodwork. We have a "Princess" day in the spring and a "Superhero" day in the fall to raise money and connect young people with the old building. I spent two solid hours giving tours. Up and down and up and down and up and down. . .my legs were done!

We have an officially authorized 1966 Batman who graduated from the local Catholic School so he came down for the day and he was popular. So were the bouncy castles and firefighters. My nieces were Rey from the new Star Wars and Princess Leia. Princess Leia has hair long enough to make her own buns.

It was fun and now I have NOTHING pressing hanging over my head for a while. Yay. Plus we are getting along with new editor at work.
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Let's see. I am SO ready for the elections to be over and HRC to be president I can hardly stand it. If I have to listen to one more narrow-minded bigot tell me how "authentic" an orange-faced man with the worse-dyed combover in history is, I will scream. No, being educated is not a bad thing. No, not being afraid of brown people is not a bad thing. No, not wanting to peer into the next bathroom stall is not a bad thing.

I also still hate the word "orbs" when used to mean "eyeballs" in a fan fiction. Nothing in the world makes me click the back button faster than "orbs." Even faster than "tresses."

Boys who think girls don't really play video games should meet my Wizard or Crusader or Barbarian or Demon Hunter in Diablo III. They will wipe the floor with you. I've been playing video games since they invented, you miserable misogynist troll, and playing them well.

Mammogram tomorrow. Medical professional said I feel "lumpy" but since I have cysts, we're not too worried.

Spring is springing and I am so busy I haven't had time for the yard work. I was the Queen of Fairy Godmothers for a Princess Party, the grieving widow for a memorial service for a fellow who died in 1916, and have several more events coming up this month. Next month, I am doing NOTHING.

So, what's up with you?
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I finally saw the new Star Wars and got a kick out of how "old" Star Wars it was. Yes, it was derivative. (How could it not be, with being seventh in a series.) Yes, it was predictable. (I was so not surprised when Snape--I mean, Vader the Third--killed Han.) But the acting was so much better than in those horrible prequels and I love seeing everybody old and grey like me.

Busy the week between Christmas and New Year's. The flooring guy who thought he could get my floor in before Thanksgiving showed up on the 30th. The dishwasher, which is less than two years old, died on the 31st. We had had to make an emergency run to the vet on Christmas eve. So, some expected bills and some unexpected bills, RIGHT at Christmas shopping season. I may have to convert to Buddhism or something.

AND the electrician will be FINALLY getting me the estimates this week. He said. I'll believe them when I see them but considering the other electricians in town have been ignoring me for upwards of two years, I'll take what I can get.

Still, my major projects, which I hoped to get done before the first of the year, may be done by my birthday in March. Maybe. At least the parts I'm paying for rather than doing myself.

And the floor we have in so far is LOVELY!


Nov. 21st, 2015 08:15 pm
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I've been being very nostalgic, as I mentioned before, watching old HtLJ episodes and re-reading old fan fiction. I have even dug up a couple of unfinished ones and am staring at them, wondering if I can revive them once the holidays are over.

To compound the sense of "the good old days," two catalogues arrived in the mail this week. The J. Peterman Company the The Sharper Sense. Unless I am mistaken, both of those catalogues went away more than a decade ago. Apparently, I'm not the only one feeling nostalgic.

Other old Hercverse stories are showing up at AO3. Yes, it sucks for comments, but it is nice to see old friends again.
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Based on what I have saved, I think I have pretty much posted everything. There might be a few humorous HtLJ bits somewhere but "The Measure of Our Torment" is up and racking up the hits, along with "Learning to Uncurl."
And no one reads Autolycus/Iphicles porn. Ah, well.
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I've been posting to AO3 lately. I had forgotten how many stories I wrote back in the day. I'm not sure all of them deserve to be preserved and I think I may delete a few but, what the heck. When I finish the HtLJ collection--its over 20 so far--I will do HP. There are many less of those. Thank goodness.

The first one I posted--some Hercules/Iolaus smut--has gotten about 35 reads, which isn't bad for an OLD story. The others are mostly being ignored but I doubt anyone is much into HtLJ anymore. The ones I posted on Skyehawke were ignored, too.

Still, I keep finding things and thinking, is this worth saving?


Aug. 10th, 2015 08:18 pm
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I loaded one old short story--a smutty one--and promptly got a comment. Wow. I don't imagine I will get any more but it was fun. Am sticking a few things up there slowly.
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